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It can be different on different footballs, but official balls have 32 leather panels held together by 642 stitches. Some recent footballs designed to increase passing and shooting speed have only 2 big panels, like a tennis ball, but made of microfiber. They are REALLY good for playing, mainly on synthetic grass fields. We have many of these here in Brazil and they are fun to play on.

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Q: How many panels are on a Football?
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How many panels are on a soccer ball?

there is 32 on your average football

How many panels on a soccer ball?

there is 32 on your average football

A football is made of five and six sided parts but how many parts make up the whole football?

Generally, there are 32 panels. A link is provided to the Wikipedia post on the ball used in football (soccer). New designs feature other construction techniques and different shapes (and numbers) of the panels.)

How many flat panels are there on a soccer ball?

None, they're all curved. A classic football (seldom used anymore) has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. The current Adidas Jabulani has 8 panels.

What was originally used to connect the panels on a football?

The answer is in my website

How is a football oval?

The shape of the US football, Australian football, and Rugby football are oblong, with the US football tapered as well, being much longer in one dimension. The shape of a soccer football is not actually a ball (sphere), but an icosidodecahedron having 20 hexagonal panels and 12 pentagonal panels, which allows the ball to roll like a sphere but be more accurately controlled.

When a football has a bubble on one point what does that mean?

A football consists of a rubber bag with leather panels glued to it. The rubber bag is made of many layers. If there's a bubble in your football it means the bag's layers have separated and the ball is about to pop.

How many panels are there in the Bayeux Tapestry?

71 panels in total

How many of the 32 panels on a football or soccer ball as some call it are pentagons and how many are hexagons?

On the 32-panel soccer ball, there are 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.

Which sport is played with ball constructed of panels similar to a geodesic dome?

association football

How many nylon panels made the running fence?

2,050 panels

How many 3D panels are there on the Jabulani?

There are 8 3D panels on the Jabulani.

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