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The first edition has 15 chapters. The movie tie-in edition has 18

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"Soul Surfer" by Bethany Hamilton is a 224-page book.

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15 chapters

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Q: How many pages is soul surfer?
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How many pages does the book soul surfer have?

240 pages

How many pages in the book soul surfer?

The movie tie-in edition, released in 2011, has 288 pages (not including the pages with photos)

How many pages is the book seal-surfer?

Michael Foreman's Seal Surfer is 36 pages long.

Is soul surfer on Netflix?

yes the movie Soul Surfer is on Netflix

How many books of soul surfer are there?

just 1

Is soul surfer a novel?

Yes, Soul Surfer is Bethany Hamilton's autobiography.

What was the Production Budget for Soul Surfer?

The Production Budget for Soul Surfer was $18,000,000.

Who plays Alana in Soul Surfer?

Lorraine Nicholson plays Alana in soul surfer.

How many pages does Walk in My Soul have?

Walk in My Soul has 656 pages.

How many pages does The Soul of a Butterfly have?

The Soul of a Butterfly has 256 pages.

How many pages does Surak's Soul have?

Surak's Soul has 218 pages.

How many pages does Soul Harvest have?

Soul Harvest has 448 pages.