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7. -- Cincinnati and Bradley in 1981. The Bearcats won 75-73.

(On March 12, 2009 Syracuse beat Connecticut 127-117 after 6 overtimes)

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Q: How many overtimes did the longest NCAA game have?
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Why does ncaa football get multiple overtimes?

Because the leaders of the NCAA decided that no game would end in a tie. If the game is still tied after one overtime, the teams will play as many overtimes as it takes to break the tie and declare a winner.

How many overtimes were used in the highest scoring basketball game?

3 overtimes.

How many overtimes are played in basketball before the game is called a tie?

As far as college and NBA is concerned, there is no limit as to the number of overtimes that can be played before determining a winner of the game.

How many overtimes are in basketball?

Until such time that there is a game winner, the game will continue via overtime.

How many overtimes did the second longest nhl game have?

April 3, 1933: 104:46 of overtime Toronto Maple Leafs 1 - Boston Bruins 0 Another six-overtime marathon.

How many overtimes are there in an NBA game?

as many as needed, games are usually decided in 1 or 2, but there is no limit

How many overtimes in NBA?


How long is the overtime in an NBA game?

Usually an overtime lasts 5 minutes but it depends how many overtimes they go in to.

How many officials are in an NCAA basketball game?


How many innings was the longest baseball game in NCAA history?

It was the Texas v. Boston College game in the Austin Regional on May 30, 2009. It is still being played, but is now in the 25th inning, which is the record.

How many referees in a NCAA basketball game?

there are two refferies in a basketball game

How many periods aare in a hockey game?

There are 3 periods in a hockey game. If the game is tied after 3 periods, there is an overtime. If that doesn't end in one team scoring, there can be a shootout or as many overtimes as needed.

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