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50 overs per innings.

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2010-10-14 17:23:49
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Q: How many overs are there in a cricket odi?
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How many overs are there in first class cricket?

And the answer is if it is a ODI then 50 overs but if it is a test match then it depends on number of days.

What is ODI Cricket World Cup?

In One Day International (ODI) Cricket World Cup 50 overs are played per side between two teams. The 2011 Cricket World Cup format is ODI.

How many overs can play in odi match?

only 50 overs

5 difference's about test cricket and one day cricket?

Test stands for 5 days but ODI is for 1 day Player need to wear white dress in test and colour dress in ODI Test match is played with red ball where as ODI with white ball in test can can be change on or after 80 overs but in ODI it can change after 30 overs ODI have only 50 overs and test 90 overs in a day....and it can be also played on one one in each different days.

How many balls are in an over?

Well there are 6 balls in a over in cricket, and each ODI (One Day International) consists of 50 overs a team. While Twenty20 obviously has 20 overs.

How many cricket world cups has India won?

in 1983 with captain Kapil Dev (ODI- 50 overs) T20 world cup in 2007

How many overs were played when odi was introduced?

60 overs were played.... After 1987, it was reduced to 50.

How many overs in a cricket test match?

how many overs in a cricket test match? averagely 400

In cricket what is a ODI?

ODI stands for One Day International. It's a form of cricket in which two teams from different nations play each other each receiving about 50 overs of batting and bowling each.

How many overs in a match?

odi=50 twentytwenty=20

How long is an average ODI cricket match?

50 overs for each side....generally takes 6-7 hours

How many hours does a odi cricket match take to play?

The whole Cricket match consist of 100 overs (50 each) and takes about 6 - 7 hours (about 3 hours per innings) ...!!>

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