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Q: How many overage players can Alberta junior hockey league teams have?
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What is the definition of overage in Junior Canadian hockey?

CHL rules. 21 years old and you are allowed to have 5 of them on your roster.

Who are the the Fort Mcmurray Oil Barons?

AnswerThe Fort McMurray Oil Barons are a Junior 'A' hockey team located in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada. The team plays in the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL).

Who won the 2007 Alberta junior hockey league title?

The Camrose Kodiaks

How old do you have to be to play world junior hockey in Canada?

World Junior hockey features players aged 16 to 18.

Who won the 2006 Alberta junior hockey league title?

The Fort McMurray Oil Barons

How do junoir A hockey players go to university hockey such as Boston university?

You can simply apply to the college and hope to get accepted and make the hockey team. Otherwise to get a hockey scholarship, it is best to play on a Junior A team that has a good record in order to have University Hockey scouts come watch the Junior A games. Most Junior A teams have University scouts watch games, but only stand out players will be approached by the scouts.

What is a triple a hockey and how is it different from double a?

Triple A is a much more difficult level to play at, with players often getting drafted into junior and such. The skill, size and strength of individual players is greater than that of players in double A. It is the highest level of minor (that does not include junior) hockey that somebody can play at.

Who won the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2012?

The winner of the World Junior Hockey Championship of 2012 was Sweden defeating Russia 1-0 in overtime. This was their first win in 31 years. The tournament was hosted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Is junior hockey hurting prep school hockey?

junior hockey is the wave of the future. more premier players are moving away from prep and high school hockey because they dont have to deal with the politics associated with high school hockey. one example: a senior game. often, seniors are not the best players ona team but they get to play because it is their last game. juniors hockey eliminates age brackets and separates players the way they should be separated: by skill level.

What does the acronym BCHL stand for?

BCHL acronym stands for the British Columbia Hockey League. The League was founded in 1961 and is a division of the Canadian Junior Hockey League. BCHL features Junior A League players.

How many hockey players in Edmonton area?

Not sure really what you are asking. There are many minor hockey leagues in Edmonton along with junior and senior leagues. Of course there is the Oilers and their WHL team but really it is impossible to tell how many hockey players there are in Edmonton.

How can one go about joining the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League?

The Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League is a Hockey Quebec Junior "AAA" ice hockey league and is a member of Hockey Canada and Canadian Junior Hockey League. A person must be a professional hockey player to join the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League.