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2...face up and face down.

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Q: How many outcomes are there if you flip a hockey card onto a desk?
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How do you flip the desk top?

To flip the desk top you press control (ctrl) and alt (alt) and at the same time press one of the arrow keys.

If SamJoe and Debbie each flip a coin how many possible outcomes are there?

I am guessing SamJoe, means SAM and JOE not one person, so three people flip a coin, we have two outcomes each times, so 23= 8 possible outcomes. If you had n people, there would be 2n outcomes. For example, if two people flip there are 4 outcomes HH TT HT or TH

If you flip a coin 2 times how many possible outcomes are there?

If you flip a coin 2 times, there are 4 possible outcomes; HH, HT, TH, TT.

If you flip a coin how many outcomes are there?

2. There is heads and there is tails.

If you flip a coin 2 times how many possible outcomes are there How many combinations?

Four outcomes, three combinations.

How many outcomes if flip a coin twice and toss a die once?

2*2*6 = 24 outcomes.

How do you find the sample space of an experiment where you flip a coin 6 times and note the number of heads?

The sample space consists of all the possible outcomes. A flip of a coin has 2 outcomes, H,T. The total number of outcomes for 6 flips are 26 or 64.

If you flip a coin once what is the set of possible outcomes for this?

enless you include it landing on it's side the two possible outcomes for this are: Heads and Tails

How many possible outcomes are there when flipping a coin 11 times?

Two possible outcomes for each flip. 2,048 possible histories of 11 flips.

If you flip a coin 4 times how many possible outcomes are there?

There are 24 = 16 ordered outcomes, that is outcomes in which the order of the results is relevant. If not, there are 5 outcomes (0 heads, 1 head, 2 heads, 3 heads and 4 heads).

Does a flip-effect still activate when is destroyed by card effect?

No, flip effect activate when the card is flipped, which will be by Flip Summon, or being attacked, or flipped by an effect. Simply being destroyed while face down, will not 'flip' the monster.

What is a binary response?

Two mutually exclusive outcomes. You flip a coin, and only heads and tails are possible.