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how many Track and Field records were broken in 2008 how many world record in track and field were broken at the 2008 olympic games

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Q: How many olympic track and field record were broken in 2008?
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How many Olympic records were broken at the 2004 Olympic games?

10 in Track and field. 6 in swimming.

What Olympic record did Jesse Owens hold for 25 years?

Track and Field

Which Australian holds a track and field record?

Steven Hooker holds the Olympic record in the Pole Vault. He is Australian.

Is track and field an olympic sports?

Track and field is a group of olympic sports. (Running, jumping, throwing)

Do track athletes get paid for setting world records?

How much money do Olympic track and field athletes earn for setting a world record?

When did track and field become an olympic sport?

When did track become a sport

A summer Olympic event with 13 letters?

track and field

Where are the 2012 olympic trials for track and field?

Track Town USA! Out in Oregon

What impact did Florence Joyner do to Track and Field?

She Broke woman world record, win Olympic medals, and put the USA on top in sprinting.

How many olympic medals for track and field for Australia?


When are Olympic track and field trials 2012?

Eugene Oregon

What sports were covered in the first olympic games?

track and field

What are the 2016 summer olympic track and field qualifications?


Who has broken the most records in track and field?


Is it rowing track and field or gymnastics that use the five Olympic rings?

trac and field

Who won New Zealand's first gold medal in track and field?

New Zealand's first gold medal in Olympic athletics (track and field) was won by Jack Lovelock in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. He won the 1500 meter race in what was then a world record time of 3:47.8.

How did track and field get into the Olympics?

Track and field events, in their most basic forms, were original Olympic events. They have been in every Olympics.

In what year was track and field first done?

The Ancient Greeks had track and field events for the first Olympic Games. They ran nude.

What is the most popular sport in the olympic games?

Athletics-Track and field

What sport was among the first Olympic events in BC?

Track and Field

What location are the track and field events for the summer Olympics in 2012 held?

The track and field athletics events are being held at the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London E20 2ST

What is the Olympic record and world record for the men's 1km run?

The 1 Kilometer run is not an Olympic event in Track and Field. The current world record for the men's 1 kilometer is held by Noah Ngeny from Kenya. His time is 2:11:96. He ran on September 5, 1999.

What record can an 8yr old girl beat?

An age group track and field record.

Is high jump a olympic sport?

It is one event in the sport Track and Field.

What is the name to the Olympic sport of spear throwing?

It is the track and field javelin throw.