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Kendrick Perkings when he won it for the Celtics in 2008

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Q: How many okc team members have championship rings?
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What team has the most championship rings?

the celtics

What team did Shaquille O'Neal get his championship rings with?

Lakers,and the Heat

Which nba team has the most championship rings?

Boston celtics

What team in the nba has the most championship rings?

Boston Celtics

What happens to the championship rings of the losing team?

Destroyed in the fires of mount Doom

Does Dominique wilkens have any rings?

No, Dominique Wilkens was never on an NBA championship team.

When a pro team wins a championship is there a limit on the number of championship rings that can be given out?

== == The owners of the winning team PAY for the rings, so it is their decision about how many to BUY. Of course the players get one each, and the on field management, such as coaches and assistant coaches get one, but in some cases the trainers get one and the physio guy gets one. It is up to the team who gets one.

What team is the 3 best in the nba?

the bull because they have 6 championship ring and the lakers have 13then come Boston they have 16 championship rings

Who else on Oklahoma thunder team have nba championship rings?

Derek Fisher and Kendrick Perkins

Who gets Super Bowl rings?

All the members of the winning team

When the Los Angeles lakers win the championship do the ball boys get a ring?

Who gets championship rings is determined by the owner of the team. The owner can choose whomever to award rings to. In this case, Jerry Buss can decide whether or not give rings to the ball boys.

Is there ever been a nba championship team that has all team members without a prior championship ring?

Dallas 2011. Every Player won his first ring.