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Q: How many officials in an NCAA college football game?
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How many referees are in an NCAA college football game?


What is the official football used in college football?

A Wilson Official Leather NCAA Game Football

What is the difference between Madden and NCAA?

Madden is the video game for the NFL and NCAA is college football. they're called Madden NFL (Year) and NCAA Football (Year)

Why does ncaaf not have the players names?

Because the NCAA does not allow college football players to have their name in a football game.

What college football team has the most NCAA football championship game appearances since 1960?

Michigan Wolverines

Will there be a NCAA 12?

Yes, there is a NCAA Football 12 out for X-Box 360 and PS3, but there is no college basketball video game this season.

Will there be a 2014 ncaa football video game?

No. After a lawsuit, NCAA announced that they would not license their name for the football game anymore, and the major conferences followed suit. Because of this, EA Sports announced that they would no longer develop a college football game.

What was the first official source of college football news?

The first official source of college football news was the NCAA. The first college football game was between Princeton and Rutgers University in 1869.

How many officials are in an NCAA basketball game?


What is the fastest score in a NCAA football game?

The fastest score in the NCAA would be 113-0. This is a football game.

How many officials on a college football team?

"Teams" do not provide officials for games. In the NCAA, conferences are responsible for providing officials for games. In Division I-FBS, all conferences field seven officials for each game with the exception of the Big 12. The Big 12 experimented with adding an eighth official during the 2013 season.

What is the NCAA record for most consecutive sellouts at a Division 1 college football game?


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