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4. 2 linesmen and 2 refs

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Q: How many officials are on ice during an NHL game?
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How many officials are on the ice during a hockey game?

during a nhl game there are 4

How many officials during hockey?

there are 4 officials in an NHL game. 2 referees and 2 linesmen

How many officials are in ice in a NHL game?

4. 2 referees and 2 linesmen

How many officials are on the ice during a National Hockey League game?

In an NHL game there are four officials on the ice. There are two linesmen who are mainly responsible for calling icing, offsides and too many men penalties. In addition there are also two referees who are responsible for calling penalties.

How many officials are there in the NHL?

in a game there are 4, two linesmen and 2 acuall refs (the ones who call the penalties)

How many referees are in the NHL?

During game play the are four (4) officials on the ice: Two (2) referees and two (2) linesman. For complete listing of the exact number of officials (referees & linsemen) and their names please visit:

How many penalties are called in an nhl game?

Depends on how many infractions are committed by players/teams during the game!

How many referees are in a NHL game?

There are 2 referees and 2 linesman in an NHL game.

How many faceoffs in an NHL game?

The amount of faceoffs in an NHL game depends on how many times a whistle is blown.

What NHL game had the most penalties ever?

On March 4, 2004, in a game between Ottawa and Philadelphia, 419 penalty minutes were assessed by the officials.

What is the record for players in the penalty box during an NHL game?


How many jerseys do nhl players get a game?

They get 2 jerseys a game.

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