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Q: How many offensive plays did the Broncos run with Tim Tebow?
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How many champinship does Tim Tebow have?


How many ncaa championships did tebow win?

With Tebow at Florida they went 48-7. As a starter he was 35-6.

How many rookie quarterbacks have been to the playoffs?

Tim Tebow

How many years Tim Tebow has been playing?


How many quarterbacks who threw for 316 yards in 2011?


How many mph can Tim Tebow run?

17.93 mph

How many Tebow jerseys were sold in 2011?

2 million

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How many brothers and sisters does Tim Tebow have?

There are 5 Tebow children, including Timmy. Christy is the oldest. Katie is the second oldest. Robbie is the third child, but the oldest boy. Peter is the fourth child. And Timmy is the youngest.

How many times have the Denver Broncos win the champions?

The Broncos are 2-4 in The Super Bowl

How many passing touchdowns does Tim Tebow have all together?


How many records did Tim Tebow brake?

2 in the NFL for rushing