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5 for each team plus 3 alternates for each team

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Q: How many of the us gymnastic team actually get to compete?
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How many players on a gymnastic team?

as many as can be if you make the team your on the team

How many player on a gymnastic team in the olympic?


Why did 1996 women's gymnastic team have seven members and 2008 team only six?

The FIG (the International Gymnastic Federation) changed the rules in the team competition. In the 1996 Olympic gymnastic team competitions four gymnasts from each team would compete on the apparatus during the team competition. The lowest score (out of four) was dropped. Only 3 out of the 4 final scores counted. Because more gymnasts competed on each event, there were seven team members. 4 gymnasts competed, and 3 sat out. After the rule change, only 3 girls from each team compete on an apparatus and all of the scores count. If a gymnastic team had 7 members, then 4 girls would sit out each event, and that is one too many under the FIG rules. Because only 3 girls can sit out and 3 girls compete on each event, the maximum number of gymnasts a 2008 Olympic team can have is 6.

How many people compete on a team in archery?

64 archers compete

How many other athlete are in the us artistic gymnastic team?

There are 8 artistics gymnasts

Does an gymnastic gymnast necessary have to compete level 10 to get an gymnastic schlorship to university?

Well I dont think so but probably because think about it. Level 10 or better elite proves that you are the best of the best. I would not want somebody on my sports team if they are not on the top.

How many players compete on a team in an indoor volleyball team during a game?

there is 6 on a team

Does anyone have a list of the British Gymnastic Team for the 1948 Olympics held in London?

I don't have a list but my Mother was picked for the ladies team. She didn't compete due to an injury she picked up in training. She's still fit at 85!

How many swimmers compete for team GB in the Olympics?

There are 44 swimmers in team GB.

What team medal did the men's US gymnastic team win in 2008?


What level is required to make it into competitive gymnastics?

they are the level which dont compete then they are team which do compete so you have to be team 2 to compete (there is no team 1)

What is the nickname of the gymnastic team with Claire Danes?

gummy bear

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