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Six ... University of Akron, Bowling Green University, Kent State University, Miami University, Ohio University, and University of Toledo

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Q: How many of the MAC's twelve schools are located in Ohio?
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Where are Hilliard City schools located?

Hillard City schools are located in the Hillard City district. This district is located in Hillard, Ohio. Hillard is very near to the larger city, Columbus, Ohio.

How many medical schools are there in Toledo, Ohio?

There are three medical schools located in Toledo, Ohio. Medical School of Ohio, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio and The College of Medicine at The University of Toledo.

What are the names of some schools in the Brookfield Ohio area?

Some names of schools in the Brookfield , Ohio area are Brookfield high school which is located at 614 Bedford Road S.E , Brookfield , Ohio . Also there is a Brookfield Middle school and Brookfield Elementary school .

Are there any film schools in Ohio?

Yes. There are many Film Schools in Ohio. It appears that many of the major cities and towns in Ohio have schools. Cleveland, Columbus, and Ohio State Universities all have film schools.

How old do you have to be to drive a boat in Ohio?

You have to be twelve in ohio for a pwc alone

Are there any schools in Ohio that offer a certified nursing assistant training program?

There are actually very many schools in Ohio that affer Certified Nursing Assistant training. There is Cuyahoga Community College located at 700 Carnegie Cleveland, Ohio. You could also try the School of Nurse Aide Training, Inc. located at 728 West Main St in Fairborn, Ohio, their number is 937-878-8002.

Are there any Summit Academy schools outside of Ohio?

The Summit Academy school is a school only located in the state of Ohio. The Academy does not have any plans on extending their reach outside of the state.

Where are some of the leading optometry schools located in the United states?

The United States does have some top quality optometry schools. The leading schools include University of California - Berkley, University of Alabama - Birmingham, and Ohio State University.

What is the best school in Ohio to obtain physician assistant training?

There are several great schools for physician assistant training in Ohio. One of the leading schools is the Medical College of Ohio.

What is the distance from Cleveland Ohio to Euclid Ohio?

It is about twelve miles from the center of Cleveland OH to Euclid OH.

Where is the serpent mound located?

Ohio the serpent mound is located in Ohio.

How many schools are in Ohio?

1 university and college; 57 public schools.