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Q: How many of tennis shoes have changed over the years?
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Even though the term tennis shoes is uses for shoes for many uses are the shoes used for tennis still called tennis shoes?

Yes. In general tennis shoes for tennis have soles that are only slightly textured, to allow quick movement, yet still provide some grip.

Where can one purchase shoes for tennis?

It is possible to purchase shoes for tennis from many online retailers such as "Amazon", "Zappos", "eBay", "SportsAuthority" and also "TennisExpress".

Why are shoes called tennis shoes if they are not for tennis?

Most of the time it just depends. A lot of people call regular sneakers 'tennis shoes', even when they aren't tennis shoes. Tennis shoes could generally be noticed by the tracks or markings on the bottom of the shoe. Most tennis shoes have non-marking soles with a round track under the big toe bone. Rubber Felts are included around the sole and upper shoe, that way toe draggers won't rip their shoe in 3 days

For how many years has the ATP tennis gone on?

19 years

How has tennis clothing changed since the 1900s?

Tennis fashion in the 1900's consisted of full-length pants and long-sleeved shirts for men, while women wore blouses and skirts that covered their arms and legs, and, in some cases, even their necks, wrists, and ankles. Although sneakers were available, many people wore shoes. Over the years, the clothing and shoes became lighter and shorter to suit the demanding needs of the professional tennis player. For further information, click on the New York Magazine link, below, for an article entitled, "The Case Against Uniforms - - How tennis influences fashion, and vice versa."

A sporting goods store manager ordered twice as many pairs of basketball shoes as tennis shoes He ordered 96 in all How many pairs of each did he order?

He ordered 64 pairs of basketball shoes and 32 pairs of tennis shoes.To figure it out:x = # pairs of tennis shoestherefore 2x = # pairs of basketball shoesx + 2x = 96therefore 3x = 9696/3 = 32x = 32

Where can I buy kid's Nike tennis shoes online?

One can buy kid's Nike tennis shoes at various online shoe outlets, from general online shoe stores such as Zappos, to the online portals of brick and mortar stores such as Kid's Footlocker and Macy's.

How has gymnastics changed over there years?

yes it has changed over many years

How many years did the Parthenon hold table tennis?

The Parthenon is a historical site and has never had table tennis.

What brands of tennis shoes are available at Academy?

Academy carries many brands of tennis shoes. Popular brand names include Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Columbia. You can browse their selection at

What types of activities are Sketchers athletic shoes suited for?

Sketcher athletic shoes are great for many activities. Some of the include: walking, running, tennis, and basketball. One can find these shoes at an affordable price.

How many years has Serena Williams played tennis?