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According to, the following number have been retired: 25 Gail Goodrich

31 Ed O'Bannon

32 Bill Walton

33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor)

35 Sidney Wicks

42 Walt Hazzard

54 Marques Johnson

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Q: How many numbers have the UCLA Bruins retired?
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How many numbers have the UCLA Bruins baseball team retired?


How many numbers are retired for the Red Sox?

7 the numbers retired are 1,4,8,9,27,42

How many football games have UCLA won?

At the conclusion of the 2008 football season the UCLA Bruins have one 514 games. Their overall record is 514-347-7.

How many numbers have the Dallas Cowboys retired?

They haven't retired any numbers, Dallas doesn't retire numbers

What are the athletic achievements of UCLA?

Besides the many great olympic and professional athletes that have come out of UCLA, the Bruins have won 100 NCAA Championships. No other school in the NCAA has accomplished that.

How many numbers have the Cleveland cavaliers retired?

according to me i counted around 8 retired numbers

How many numbers have the San Diego Padres retired?

There are 5 retired numbers 6,19,31,35 and 42

How many numbers have the Chicago Bulls retired?

4 numbers have been retired 4,10,23 and 33

How many cardinal numbers retired?


Since the NCAA tournament determined the national championship how many teams were undefeated national champions?

Either 7 or 4 - seven occurrences by four different schools (with UCLA matching the feat 4 times). Seven is the more correct answer since the UCLA teams were at least subtly different each time.These teams were:1956 San Francisco Dons1957 North Carolina Tarheels1964 UCLA Bruins 1967 UCLA Bruins1972 UCLA Bruins 1973 UCLA Bruins1976 Indiana University Hoosiers

How many numbers have the Detroit Pistons retired?

6 Retired jerseys 4,11,15,16,21 and 40

How many retired numbers for the Boston Celtics?


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