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The Rangers have retired 8 numbers 7-Rod Gilbert 1-Eddie Giacomin 35-Mike Richter 11-Mark Messier 2-Brian Leetch 9-Adam Graves 9-Andy Bathagate 3-Harry Howell

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Q: How many numbers have the New York Rangers retired?
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How many numbers have the New York Jets retired?

The New York Jets have retired 3 numbers: No. 12: QB Joe Namath No. 13: WR Don Maynard No.73 Joe Klecko

How many numbers have the San Diego Padres retired?

There are 5 retired numbers 6,19,31,35 and 42

How many NFL titles have the new york rangers won?

0. The New York Rangers play hockey.

How many times has Nolan Ryan's team number been retired?

Three. 1992 - California Angels retired #30. 1996 - Texas Rangers retired #34. 1996 - Houston Astros retired #34.

How many numbers have the New York Giants retired?

the Giants have retired 20 numbers As of the start of the 2007 season, the New York Giants have retired 11 jersey numbers: 1 - Ray Flaherty 4 - Tuffy Leemans 7 - Mel Hein 11 - Phil Simms 14 - Y.A. Tittle 16 - Frank Gifford 32 - Al Blozis 40 - Joe Morrison 42 - Charlie Conerly 50 - Ken Strong 56 - Lawrence Taylor

How many numbers did the Brooklyn Dodgers retire?

10 retired numbers 1,2,4,19,20,24,32,39,42 and 53

How many Canadians play on the New York Rangers?


How many rings do Wayne Gretzky got with the New York Rangers?

No he did not

How many Canadian players play for the New York Rangers?


How many numbers have the Calgary Flames retired?

2, Lanny McDonald and Vernon

How many numbers have the Detroit Tigers retired?

5 retired jerseys or 6 counting Jackie Robinson 2,5,6,16 and 23 and if you want to count 42 retired by all of mlb

How many sports team does ny have?

New York Yankees, NewYork Mets, New York Nets, NewYork Rangers (they are not done yet!!)