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MLB has retired one number, the #42 of Jackie Robinson.

Individual teams have retired numbers, but none are recognized by the rest of the league.

For example, no one on the St. Louis Cardinals can wear Bob Gibson's retired #45, but no one in the league can wear the MLB's retired #42.

what is said up there is not true. mariano rivera where's #42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, but Rivera was wearing #42 when they retired it. He was grandfathered in.

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Q: How many numbers has Major League Baseball retired?
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How many numbers have been retired from Major League Baseball?

One. Number 42

Does an Major League Baseball team have no retired numbers?

No. All MLB teams have at least one retired number: Jackie Robinson's #42.

Is the number three retired from major league baseball?


Is billy wagner in Major League Baseball this year?

No. He is retired.

What did major league baseball do to Jackie Robinson number?

retired it

What was the first major league baseball team to retire uniform numbers?

The New York Yankee baseball team was the first one to retire the numbers of their great players after they retired.

What is an Immaculate Inning in Major League Baseball?

An immaculate inning in major league baseball is one in which three batters are retired on nine straight strikes.

Who was the first Major League Baseball player to have his number retired?

On July 4, 1939, Lou Gehrig became the first Major League Baseball player to have his number, 4, retired by his team. Since then, over 120 other people have had their numbers retired. The Yankees were the first team to retire a number. Number 4, Lou Gehrig was the first player to have his number retired

How old was Pete Rose when he retired?

Pete Rose was 45 years old when he retired from Major League Baseball.

Is number 42 retired in all sports?

No. The #42 is only retired by all Major League Baseball teams.

How will Mariano Rivera's number be retired by the New York Yankees?

his # is already retired because 42 is retired major league baseball wide.

How old was Jackie Robinson when he retired?

Baseball Jackie Robinson was 37 years old when he retired. He is the first African American Major league baseball player.

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