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7 the numbers retired are 1,4,8,9,27,42

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Q: How many numbers are retired for the Red Sox?
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What are the numbers retired at Fenway park?

The Jersey numbers retired by the Boston Red Sox are, 1,4,8,9,27,42

His number was retired by both the White Sox and Red Sox?

Carlton Fisk #27 was retired for Fisk in Boston and #72 was retired for him in Chicago.

How do you get your number retired by the Boston Red Sox?

you rake

Did the Red Sox play today?

Never. He retired already.

Who is number 14 on the Red Sox?

There isn't a #14 on the Red Sox, because Jim Rice was #14 and his number got retired.

Will Mike Lowell sign with the Boston Red Sox?

Mike Lowell is now retired. He played for the Boston Red Sox from 2006-2010.

What number was retired from Ted Williams by the Boston Red Sox?

Number 9

Does any Boston Red Sox player have the jersey 8?

No. The jersey #8 has been retired from the Red Sox in order to honor Carl Yastrzemski, a great Red Sox outfielder.

What was Ted William's number with the Boston Red Sox?

Ted Williams wore #9 for the Boston Red Sox and that number has since been retired by the team.

What number did Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox wear?

Yaz wore #8 for the Red Sox between 1961-1983. The number was retired in 1989.

Who is Johnny Pesky?

He played shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. He also served as manager and is now an informal coach. The Red Sox just retired his number making him the first non Hall of Famer to have his jersey retired at Fenway Park.

What are the row numbers at fenway park?

Retired NumbersThe retired Red Sox numbers of Bobby Doerr (1), Joe Cronin (4), Johnny Pesky (6), Carl Yastrzemski (8), Ted Williams (9), and Carlton Fisk (27), along with Jackie Robinson's #42 that was retired by Major League Baseball in 1997, are posted on the right field facade in Fenway Park. (Jim Rice #14 joins the wall with his induction into the Hall of Fame 2009)The Red Sox' policy on retiring uniform numbers is based on the following criteria:- Election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame- At least 10 years played with the Red Sox- Finish his career with the club