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Q: How many number 8 seed teams have made the Stanley cup final?
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What teams did not win a Stanley cup?

As of August, 2014 there are 12 current NHL teams have never won the Stanley Cup. Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild, Winnipeg Jets, Nashville Predators, San Jose Sharks and Phoenix Coyotes have never made it to the Stanley Cup Final. St. Louis Blues, Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, Washington Capitals and Vancouver Canucks have made it to the Final, but never won.

What NHL teams have never made the Stanley cup playoffs?


How many teams made the play-offs in the NHL in 1978?

12 teams qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs in 1978.

What NHL teams have never been to a Stanley cup?

There are six teams that have never made an appearance in the Stanley Cup Final. These teams are the Phoenix Coyotes (including 17 seasons as the Winnipeg Jets), San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators, Atlanta Thrashers, Minnesota Wild, and the Columbus Blue Jackets. The latter four teams are significantly newer than most other NHL teams, as none existed prior to the 1998-99 NHL season.

When was the last time four number one seeds made the Final Four?

2008 is the first year, since teams began being seeded in 1979, that four #1 seeds made the Final Four. Those teams are North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis and UCLA.

What was the last year the bruins made it to the Stanley cup final?

The Bruins last made it to the Cup Final in 1990, losing to the Edmonton Oilers.

In the last 10 years how many AP number one ranked teams made it to the Final Four?

6 teams have and they are UCLA, UMASS, North Carolina, Duke(2), and Illinois

What NCAA teams made the Final Four?

The teams that made the final four were Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse, and University of Connecticut. Kentucky won against all of them and celebrated by drinking whiskey.

What NCAA teams made the Final Four in 2008?

For the first time in NCAA history, all number one seeds advanced to the Final Four: * Kansas * Memphis * UCLA * North Carolina

Did the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins ever play in the Stanley Cup Final before 2011?

Each of the two teams has made the finals multiple times before, but they never faced each other until 2011.

When NHL had 6 teams how many made playoffs?

When the NHL consisted of only six teams, the top four finishers in regular season play made the playoffs. The first place team (winner of the Prince of Wales Trophy) played the fourth place team. The second and third place teams squared off. The winners of their respective series then met in the final for the Stanley Cup. Surreyfan

Nhl teams never to play in Stanley cup?

Of thirty teams currently playing (2010) six franchises have never made it into the Stanley Cup final playoff series. They are the... Minnesota Wild, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators, Columbus Blue Jackets, Atlanta Thrashers, and Florida Panthers. The Panthers joined the league in 1993, and both the Wild and Blue Jackets entered the league in 2000. Brand new teams which had no prior affiliation with defunct clubs.

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