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Q: How many non QBs have had 100 touchdowns or more?
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Who have thrown touchdowns to terrell Owens?

Tony Romo and Drew Bledsoe are the two QBs' that have thrown touchdowns.

How many Qbs have the bills had since Jim Kelly?


How many Florida gator qbs won a super bowl?


What is the most touchdowns in a single season by an professional individual?

For QBs it's Tom Brady with 50 passing TDs and for RBs its LaDainian Tomlinson with 31 TDs and he threw for 2 or 3 which dont count and for WRs its Randy Moss with 23.

How many undrafted qbs have won a super bowl?

Kurt warner rams

How many qbs do you need for a football game?

Generally, a team will carry three quarterbacks on each of its game. Only one quarterback plays at a time but more are on the roster in case of injury.

How many QB are allowed on an NFL team?

There is no limit as to how many quarterbacks can be on a team. Generally, a team keeps three QBs on the 53 man roster.

Have any qbs from Michigan gone pro?


What does qbs radio stand for?

Qualifications Based Selection

How many qb's can be in a football game?

Only one qb can bev playing on the field, but there may be multiple back up qbs.

What state has the most winning Super Bowl qbs?

Pennsylvania .

Which one of these QBs have never played with the Bears?

Josh McCown.