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There are currently 11 non-canadians on the San Jose Sharks

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Q: How many non Canadians on San Jose sharks team?
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What is the farthest NHL team from the San Jose Sharks?

the Boston Bruins

What NHL team is closest to Portland Oregon?

The San Jose Sharks.

What NHL team does Joe Pavelski play for?

Joe Pavelski plays for the San Jose Sharks.

Which team is older The San Jose Sharks Or the Anaheim Ducks?

Ducks No the ducks were founded in 1993 and the sharks in 1991 the sharks are older.

When did the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup?

The san Jose sharks play at the HP pavilion

What NHL team in the 2010-2011 season has the most American players?

<p>As of January 20 2011, it's a tie between the Edmonton Oilers and the Minnesota Wild with 18 Canadians on their roster. The San Jose Sharks have 17 and the Pittsburgh Penguins have 16 canadians each in their roster.<p>

What are 3 pro sports team that end with a s?

The San Jose Earthquakes, the Oakland Athletics, and the San Jose Sharks.

What hockey team is California?

San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, LA Kings

What is a Hockey team starting with s?

San Jose Sharks and St Johns Icecaps

NHL team most losses?

the 1992-1993 san Jose sharks with 71

What was the San Jose Sharks Team List for 1991?

Read the link:

What NHL team does Tommy Wingels play for?

Tommy Wingels plays for the San Jose Sharks.