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1) May 17, 1963: Don Nottebart no hit the Phillies winning 4-1.

2) April 23, 1964: Ken Johnson no hit the Cincinnati Reds losing 1-0. Johnson is the only pitcher in MLB history to throw a nine inning no hitter and lose.

3) June 18, 1967: Don Wilson no hit the Braves winning 2-0.

4) May 1, 1969: Don Wilson no nit the Reds winning 4-0.

5) July 9, 1976: Larry Dierker no hit the Expos winning 6-0.

6) April 7, 1979: Ken Forsch no hit the Braves winning 6-0.

7) September 26, 1981: Nolan Ryan no hit the Dodgers winning 5-0.

8) September 25, 1986: Mike Scott no hit the Giants winning 2-0.

9) September 8, 1993: Darryl Kile no hit the Mets winning 7-1.

10) June 11, 2003: Roy Oswalt, Peter Munro, Kirk Saarloos, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel, and Billy Wagner no hit the Yankees winning 8-0. This is the most pitchers used in a no hit game in MLB history.

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Q: How many no hitters have the Houston Major League Baseball club have?
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