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As of July 25, 2006, the United States Bowling Congress recognized 11 series of 900. More have been bowled but not recognized by the USBC because of invalid lane conditions and cracked pins. ---- Source: Jeremy Sonnenfeld of Sioux Falls, S.D. made bowling history on Feb. 2, 1997 when he became the first person ever to roll three sanctioned perfect games in a three-game series. He was not the first person to shoot a 900 series. But it was the first recognized by ABC. ABC has relaxed their criteria for sanctioning scores in the past few years. A sophomore at the University of Nebraska, the righthanded Sonnenfeld was participating in the Junior Husker Tournament at Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln, Neb. when he earned the coveted 900 series award. The tournament format, pre-approved by the American Bowling Congress (ABC), required participants to shift lanes after each game. On Nov. 9, 1998, Tony Roventini of Greenfield, Wis., blasted the only sanctioned perfect series performed in league competition. Roventini, then 28-years-old, stroked his way into the record book while participating in the Variety Club Midwest Challenge League at Classic Lanes in Greenfield, Wis. The left-handed Roventini, the leadoff bowler for his Pro World team, finished the night with a career record of 18 games of 300, 6 series of 800 (high=857) and 1 series of 900. 20-year-old Vince Wood of Moreno Valley, Calif. was the third kegler to stroke a sanctioned perfect series and the first to perform the feat in a mixed league. His Vegas Express Mixed League teammates in the Sept. 29, 1999 effort at Cadillac Bowl in Moreno Valley included his mom, Loretta, and his dad, William. He finished the night with a career record of 17 sanctioned 300s, 11 800s and 1 900. The American Bowling Congress (ABC) has had at least six other reports of 900 series being bowled in its 100+ year history. None were approved either because the league or tournament had not agreed to be governed by the ABC prior to the event or because the lane conditions did not satisfy ABC standards. Those known to have unsanctioned 900s were: Leo Bentley Lorain, Ohio March 26, 1931 Joe Sargent Rochester, N.Y. 1934 Jim Murgie Philadelphia, Pa. Feb. 4, 1937 Bob Brown Roseville, Calif. April 12, 1980 Glenn Allison LaHabra, Calif. July 1, 1982 John Strausbaugh York, Pa. July 11, 1987 Scores for three consecutive perfect games have been approved on two other occasions: During a December 1993 tournament, Troy Ockerman, Owosso, Mich., blasted four 300 games - all on the same day. Three of those games, covering two different events, were consecutive. His string of at least 36 in-a-row ties him for the men's record for the most consecutive strikes. Also sharing the 36 in-a-row record is professional bowler Norm Duke. During an April 1996 PBA tournament held in North Brunswick, N.J. Duke had three consecutive perfect games. His effort was over the course of two squads and not in a single series. Others who have made strike history include: With a string of 40 in-a-row, LPBT champion Jeanne Naccarato, Tacoma Wash, is recognized as the most prolific stringer of strikes in history. She had 33 consecutive strikes in an 864 series, then started off her next game with seven more. Wow! In 1989, Tom Jordan of Paterson, NJ, slammed 46 of a possible 48 strikes while establishing ABC records for a four game series with 1,198 and for three games with 899. Jordan twice had strings of 23 in-a-row in bowling 300-299-300-299. His accomplishment bested the 49 year-old three-game series record of ABC Hall of Famer Allie Brandt of Lockport, NY who posted 297-289-300=886 in 1939. Brandt, described as 5 foot 5 inches tall with a weight of 130 pounds is known as "one of bowling's feisty little men". Jordan's three-game series of 899 was tied by Ron Prettyman in Newark, Del. on Feb. 10, 1996 and by Steve Lewis in Xenia, Ohio on Sept. 19, 1996. Kelly Renninger of Mountoursville, Pa., the first female in YABA history to roll consecutive 300 games, strung 29 straight strikes en route to an 838 series, the best ever for a female youth. It happened on Nov. 20, 1994. The record for most consecutive strikes by a team is attributed to the Milwaukie Bowl team of Beaverton, Ore. which posted 32 in-a-row during the 1988-89 season. Bill Bunetta, 76, Fresno, Calif., is the oldest known bowler with consecutive 300s. He finished with an 824 series on Oct. 25, 1995. Paul Fluche, East Hanover, NJ, has two career 300s - the most known for a physically challenged bowler. A one-armed bowler who maintains a 200 average, he says "tying my shoes" is his greatest bowling challenge. Alex Cavagnaro, New York, NY, threw two 300s at age 11 to become the youngest ever to accomplish the feat. His first came on Nov. 17, 1995, the second was tossed on Nov. 27, 1995, a mere ten days later! His third took a little longer - it was bowled on Dec. 6, 1998. Ken Shaw, 41, Hales Corner, Wisc. bowled a 300 game righthanded in the 1996 ABC National Tournament. Nine days later, he tossed a perfecto in league - lefthanded! His resume shows five 300s lefty and two righty. The number of perfect games bowled during a season first became a problem for American Bowling Congress (ABC) officials in 1908 when the organization was only 13 years old. In prior seasons, the ABC awarded medals for the three highest individual games rolled in the nation. Before 1908, no one ever received an award for a game greater than 298. (Awards were not given in 1902 when Ernest Fosberg of East Rockford, Ill. bowled the first 300 ever recognized in five-man league play.) The crisis struck when A.C. Jellison and Homer Sanders, both of St. Louis bowled 300 games in the same season. Perplexed with the problem of having only one gold medal and unwilling to duplicate the award, the ABC decreed that both keglers had to vie for it in a three-game match at the ABC tournament in Pittsburgh. Jellison, who won the gold, is recognized as the holder of the record for the first perfect game in ABC history without regard as to which feat was performed first. For his accomplishment, Sanders received a silver medal and a place in trivia history. THE CONTROVERSY!!!!!!!!! It was league night on Thursday, July 1, 1982 and Glenn Allison was ready for a big night of bowling. During his first shift, a mixed handicap league, he was trying a new ball and managed to shoot a whopping 578. Feeling that his new ball was hooking entirely too much, he pulled out his Yellow Dot for the second shift, semi-scratch league. For him, that was a fateful decision. Approximately two hours later, Glenn Allison had made bowling history. He became the first person in the 87-year history of the ABC to shoot 900 in sanctioned league play. The ABC decided not to honor Glenn Allison's 900 series. From my understanding, his 900 was not approved because the lanes were not inspected prior to his shooting 900. The lanes were inspected after his bowling and they were found to be out of specifications. At the time, it was considered an impossible feat and it was believed that no one would ever achieve such a fantastic accomplishment. But Glenn did it and there were many witnesses. HE WAS THE FIRST to shoot 900 in sanctioned league play!!! The rest have done it on the current EASY lane conditions and if they are recognized, so should Glenn be recognized.

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Q: How many nine hundred series have been bowled in history?
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