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47 rushing and 2 receiving touchdowns.

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Q: How many nfl touchdowns does Adrian Peterson have?
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How many career touchdowns did Adrian Peterson have in his career?

As of Dec 14th 2009 he has 77 touchdowns from college to the NFL.

Who has the most TD this season?

Adrian Peterson lead the NFL in 2009 with 18 touchdowns.

What college did NFL player Adrian Peterson play for?

NFL player Adrian Peterson played for Oklahoma.

How much does NFL player Adrian Peterson weigh?

NFL player Adrian Peterson weighs 217 pounds.

How many yards has Adrian Peterson rushed for in the NFL?

3373 yards

How much does Adrian Peterson make?

Adrian Peterson is one of the best in NFL. He is probablymaking millions.

Who is Adrian Peterson?

a nfl football player

When did Adrian Peterson join the NFL?


Who led NFL in rushing in 2008?

Adrian Peterson

Who was the 2008 leading rusher in NFL?

Adrian Peterson

Who is the fastiest NFL football player?

Adrian Peterson

Who has more rushing yards in the nfl chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson?

Adrian Peterson has more than Chris Johnson

Is Adrian Peterson for the Vikings the best HB in the NFL?


Who is the best runningback in the NFL?

Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson

Who won the rookie of the year in the NFL in 2007?

Adrian Peterson

Which NFL team does Adrian Peterson play on?

Minnesota Vikings.

Best rookie rusher in the NFL in 2007?

Adrian Peterson

Who is the famous running back on the vikings in the nfl?

Adrian Peterson.

How old was Adrian Peterson when Brett Favre wasto drafted in the NFL?

Adrian "All Day" Peterson was 6 Years old

What NFL team does Adrian Peterson play for?

Adrian Peterson plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

How many times did Adrian Peterson bench 225?

He didn't do the bench press at the NFL Combine.

Who was the NFL leading rusher in 2013?

Adrian Peterson was the leading NFL rusher in 2013

What round and team did Adrian Peterson go to in the NFL draft?

Adrian Peterson was the 1st round draft choice of the Minnesota Vikings and the 7th pick overall in the 2007 NFL draft.

Who the best running back in the NFL?

Adrian Peterson! LaDanian Tomlinson

Which NFL team has the best RB?

The Minnesota Vikings. They have Adrian Peterson.

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