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The Kansas Jayhawks have not won any National Championships in football.

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Q: How many ncaa national championships were won by the University of Kansas football team?
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How many national championships has kansas football won?


How many national championships does Kansas University have in mens basketball?


How many National Championships does Kansas have overall?

The Kansas Jayhawks have never been selected as a national champion in college football.

How many National Championships has Kansas State unitversity won in Football?


How many national championships has Kansas University won in all sports?


How many championships has Kansas won?

The University of Kansas recognizes 5 (3 NCAA National Championsips and 2 Helms National Championships). The NCAA Championships occurred in 1952, 1988, and 2008. The Helms Championships occurred in 1922 and 1923.

How many national titles does the University of Kansas have in football?


Who has more national championships Missouri or Kansas?

Kansas. Kansas has won 13 national championships and Missouri has won 2.

How many ncaa national football championships has the university of Kansas state won?

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this.......but "Kansas State" and "National Championship" are NEVER used in a sentence together. Its' like a Julia Childs or Miss Manners rule or something.

How many total NCAA championships has the university of Kansas won?

Three NCAA championships, but KU also had two national titles back in the twenties, before NCAA.

How many times has Kansas State University won the national championship?

Sports national championships: several individual in track and 1 in equestrian. Kansas State also lays claim to more Olympians than any other public university.

How many national championships has Kansas university won in basketball?

That would be zero. They lost in the championship game to Kentucky by one point, 69-68, in 1951.

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