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Dixie Conference Championships - 3 Total

* 1948 * 1949 * 1950

ACC Atlantic Divisional Championships (began in 2005) - 2 Total

* 2005 * 2008

ACC Championships - 12 Total

* 1992 * 1993 * 1994 * 1995 * 1996 * 1997 * 1998 * 1999 * 2000 * 2002 * 2003 * 2005

National Championships - 2 Total

* 1993 * 1999

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As of July 2014, FSU has won 3 different national championships. The years they have won national championships include 1993, 1999 and 2013.

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The Florida Gators have 3 National Championships.

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Q: How many ncaa football championships were won by the Florida State football team?
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