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9 championships

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Q: How many nba championships did Red Auerback win as a coach?
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Which NBA coach has the second most championships?

Arnold Jacob "Red" Auerbach

Which NBA coach has the second most NBA championships?

Red Auerbach with 9

How many world championships have the Boston red socks won?


How many championships do the red soxs have?

The Red Sox have 7 World Series titles in 11 appearances.

How many chapionships have the Red Sox win?

The Red Sox have won 7 World Series Championships.

How many division championships do the Detroit Red Wings have the title of owning?

They Have Won 17 Of Them

How many titles does Red Auerbach have as the celtics coach?

9 titles

Who is the Red Tigers?

The Red Tigers is a running group form by Coach James Townes a freshman at the Cristo Rey School. The group has one championships and has been the first youth team to accomplish a victory of exellence!

How many American league championships red soxs?

The Boston Red Sox won 12 American League Pennants.

What player has won the most championships in the NBA?

== == Bill Russell has won the most with 11 championships. He was on the Celtics and made them extremely successful with his lightning quick reflexes. He was coached under Red Auerbach, who has the second most NBA titles in NBA history as a coach.

How many championships has team Red Bull won in the history of Formula 1 racing?


Was Bill Russelll better than Wilt Chamberlain?

No: despite that Russel had more championships. Sorry ... Russell had ZERO championships. His Celtics team had 11 championships. Nobody was better than Wilt. John Wooden himself stated that had Wilt been fortunate enough to have Russell's supporting cast and Red Auerbach as coach, Wilt's team would have won all those championships.

Who won the most championships as an NBA head coach?

As of the 2008 playoffs, Red Auerbach (9 with the Celtics) and Phil Jackson (6 with the Bulls, 3 with the Lakers) are tied with 9 apiece.

How many national championships has university of Missouri won in all sports?

00000000 go big red

How many rings does red auerbach have?

16. He has 9 as a head coach and 7 as an executive.

Who is the winningest coach in Detroit Red Wings history?

Definetely, Scotty Bowman has the most wins as a coach for the red wings. (However, not all but most of his wins have not come as a red wing coach.)

What does a red coach purse sell for?

There are a variety of prices from different companies for red coach purses. It seems that most of these companies offer red coach purses from $200 to anywhere around $500.

Who is the coach for the Boston Red Sox?

Coach (known as manager in MLB) of the Boston red sox, is Terry Francona.

How many championships have the Detroit redwings won?

The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup 11 times.

What type of fashion accessory is a coach duffle?

The Coach Duffle is a handbag which can be accessorized with many outfits to look fashionable. The leather Coach Duffle comes in three different colors which are black, red, and brown.

What is the Liverpool coach?

Its a big red bus.

Who was the coach for the broncos in 1978?

Red Miller.

How many championships have the Boston Red Sox?

The Red Sox have won 7 World Series titles: 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, and 2007.

Do players receive a medal when red carded?

Players do not get a medal when they are red-carded. They are removed from the game. In many leagues now, the coach and/or player are fined.

How many World Series championships did Terry Francona win?

He won two as manager of the 2004 and 2007 Boston Red Sox.