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In the final phase there are 32 teams/countries.
As of the current format used from 1998, 32 teams play in the world cup. It has gone up from 13 in the first tournament to 16, then to 24 and finally to what is used today.

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It depends.

The Table Tennis World Cup is an invitational event for 19 players.

The rules of the competition state that 19 players will be invited to take part as follows...

* the holder of the World Cup

* the World champion

* the champion player or the strongest current player from each of the 6 continents

* 1 player from the host Association

* the top 8 players from the World Ranking List and

* 2 "wild card" selections

... although the number of players may be modified by the ITTF's Executive Committee from time to time.

But, there cannot be more than 2 players from an Association, unless a third is invited as a "wild card" selection.

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Q: How many nations participate in the world cup?
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