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They won 2 champoinships.In 1940 and in 1980.

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Q: How many national titles has the Georgia bulldogs have?
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How many national titles have Georgia won as a school in all sports?

The Georgia Bulldogs have won 26 National Titles.

How many national titles does universty of Georgia have?

They have had 4

How many championships has Georgia bulldogs been to?

4 national championships.

How many national titles does the university of Georgia have in football?

2 1980, 1942

How many titles are in the Georgia codes?

There are 53 titles in the Georgia Code.

How many national titles does oklahomastate have?

two national titles

How many finals have the Georgia Bulldogs won?

as many as i want

How many does Georgia bulldogs stadium hold?


How many championships have Georgia bulldogs won?


how many championships have the georgia bulldogs won?


How many National Championships did Tony Dorsett win?

One 1976 Pitt Panthers beat Georgia Bulldogs 24-3.

How many wins do the Georgia football Bulldogs have?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the Georgia Bulldogs all time record is 703-379-54.

How Many Georgia Bulldogs Bowl appearances?

The Georgia Bulldogs have made 44 post-season appearances with a record of 25-16-3.

How many National Titles does Michigan have?

The Michigan Wolverines have 12 national titles

How many undefeated georgia bulldogs football seasons?


How many Georgia Bulldogs have become NFL players?


How many bcs championships have the Georgia bulldogs won?


How many national titles has Arkansas won in all sports?

5 national titles.

How many national football titles does the university of Nebraska have?

Nebraska has 5 National titles.

How many Georgia Bulldogs have won the Heisman Trophy?

The Georgia Bulldogs have had two Heisman Trophy winners. Herschel Walker in 1982 and Frank Sinkwich in 1942.

How many national titles does Notre Dame have?

12 titles

How many national titles does Ohio state have?

Ohio state buckeyes has 61 national titles

How many national titles has the university of florid won in all sports?

27 national titles

How many championships does Georgia bulldogs have?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Georgia has won 1 National Championships that is reconized by the board of NCAA in 1980 and 12 SEC championhips or co-championships.

How many SEC championships does The University of Georgia have?

The University of Georgia Bulldogs have 12 SEC conference championships.