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Michigan University?

Do you mean Michigan State University (Spartans) or University of Michigan (Wolverines) ?

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Q: How many national chapionships has Michigan University won in football?
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How many national championships for university of Michigan football?


How many national championships does the university of Michigan have in football?


How many national football championships has the university of Michigan won?


How many football championships for university of Michigan?

Michigan has 11 claimed national titles and 5 unclaimed national titles.

Who has won the most national championships in football?

Yale University is the school with the most national championships in football. The school with the most wins in NCAA Division I football is the University of Michigan.

What college has a national football championship a Heisman winner and president?

University of Michigan

How many football national championships has UM won?

The University of Michigan has 11 National Championships. The University of Miami has 5 National Championships.

What state has 3 consecutive college football national titles?

The State of Alabama. 2009 Alabama, 2010 Auburn, 2011 Alabama.

Who has most college football national championships?

The University of Michigan has the most with 11 national championships the last in 1997. GO BLUE

How can you find the roster for the 1965 national champion Michigan State University football team?

Check the Football Media Guide on It's a start.

Michigan football national championships?


Who has won more football national titles Michigan Wolverines or Michigan State?


How many chapionships has Miami university won?

Miami has won 5 national championships in 1983 1987 1989 1991 2001

What years did the university of Nebraska win the national championship in college football?

1970-1971 1994-95 97 (shared with Michigan) 5 National Championships

Who had more national football championships Michigan or Michigan State?

The Michigan Wolverines have more National Championships with 11. The Michigan State Spartans have six.

A national football league in Michigan?

Detroit lions

What president played football for the university Michigan?

Gerald R. Ford played center at the University of Michigan and won two national championships in 1932 and 1933. He was the Wolverines most valuable player in the 1934 season.

When was Australian National University Football Club created?

Australian National University Football Club was created in 1962.

What is a national football league in Indiana?

A National football League in Indiana is the National Flag Football League. It was established in 1996. The leagues are in Indiana, Kentucky, Colorado, and Michigan.

When was Sydney University Australian National Football Club created?

Sydney University Australian National Football Club was created in 1863.

How many national championships has University of Alabama had in football?

The University of Alabama has eight national championships.

What university has won he most national championships in football?

Harvard university

How many times has Michigan won the national championship in football?


Who won the 1974 National Championship in College Football?

Central Michigan

When is the last time Michigan won national championship in football?