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It depends on what you use for a National Championship Selector.

Missouri has none with the BCS, AP, or Coaches Poll.

check the link

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Q: How many national championships in football for Missouri tigers?
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How many National Championships have the Clemson Tigers won in football?

they have won one nat. championships

When did Missouri tigers football win the national championship?

no The Missouri Tigers is the name of the football team of the University Of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. The college's first football team was formed in 1890 by the sophomore class of the "Academic School" (now the College of Arts and Science). The first intercollegiate game played by the Tigers was on Thanksgiving Day in 1890 against Washington University, who had already been playing for several years. The Tigers lost 28-0. While the Missouri Tigers have won 15 Conference Championships since that time, they have never won a National Championship.

How many national championships has auburn tigers football team won?


How many national championships has the Auburn tigers won in football?

Auburn has won two national championships in football: 1. 1957 (10-0; AP) 2. 2010 (14-0; BCS)

When was Missouri Tigers football from the University of Missouri in Columbia Missouri and who play in the Southeastern Conference created?

Missouri Tigers football was created in 1890.

How many national championships does clemson football teams have?

only one--1981 champs! go tigers

What was the national college football rank in 1960 for Missouri Tigers?

The 1960 Missouri Tigers finished 5 in the final AP Poll; while the UPI poll has them #4.

What is Missouri's football team's name?

The Missouri Tigers

What is the name of the Missouri football team?

The Missouri Tigers

What Is Missouri's Football Team Called?


Who has won the most ACC Championships in football?

Clemson Tigers

Which Arkansas high school has the most football state championships in history?

Little Rock Central Tigers, no one else even comes close. 32 state championships and 2 national championships in football. One of the most storied program in the country.

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