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They beat Kansas 86-46 They beat Kansas State 85-56 and they beat Gonzaga 89-78

They lost to the 6 seed Villanova though 95-36

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Q: How many national championships in basketball did georgetown win?
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Hom many mens basketball championships has villanova won?

1, they were the lowest seed to win the national championship as an 8 seed in 1985, they beat Georgetown

How many national championships has ucla won in men's basketball?


How many team national championships does Alabama have?

Alabama's Basketball team has 0 National Championships

How many national championships does UCLA have in basketball?

11 national championship

How many National Championships does the University of Texas men's basketball team have?

They havent won any national championships

How many national championships has uconn won in basketball?

The UConn men's basketball team has won 2 national championships coming in 1999 and 2004. The UConn women's basketball team has won 6 national championships. The Huskies won the 2009 national championship in April.

How many national championships has Missouri University won in basketball?


How many championships has the Oklahoma sooners been to?

They have won zero National Championships in basketball

Who many mens National Basketball Association championships has players from duke university won?

Duke men's basketball has won 4 national championships: 1991, 1992, 2001, and 2010.

How many NCAA men's basketball championships have the villanova won?

Villanova has won 1 College Basketball Championship and it took place back in 1985 defeating the Georgetown Hoyas.

How many national championships has West Virginia won in men's basketball?


How many national championships for UNC-CH basketball?

They have 6 championships. They have 5 NCAA tournament championships and 1 Pre-tournament championship.