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10 NCAA titles during 12 seasons, including 7 in a row from 1967 to 1973 under John Wooden, and another in 1995

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Q: How many national championships have the UCLA Bruins won all time?
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How many national championships has ucla won in men's basketball?


How many national championships does UCLA have in basketball?

11 national championship

How many national championships does UCLA have in all sports?

110 team championships.

What are the athletic achievements of UCLA?

Besides the many great olympic and professional athletes that have come out of UCLA, the Bruins have won 100 NCAA Championships. No other school in the NCAA has accomplished that.

How many championships does UCLA have?

106 championships

How many division championships have the Bruins won?


Since the NCAA tournament determined the national championship how many teams were undefeated national champions?

Either 7 or 4 - seven occurrences by four different schools (with UCLA matching the feat 4 times). Seven is the more correct answer since the UCLA teams were at least subtly different each time.These teams were:1956 San Francisco Dons1957 North Carolina Tarheels1964 UCLA Bruins 1967 UCLA Bruins1972 UCLA Bruins 1973 UCLA Bruins1976 Indiana University Hoosiers

How many championships does UCLA football have?


How many championships has UCLA won?

One shared National Title in 1954...with Ohio State.

Hom many consecutive NCAA basketball championships did UCLA win?

UCLA won 7 straight NCAA Men's Basketball Championships from 1967-1973.

How many football games have UCLA won?

At the conclusion of the 2008 football season the UCLA Bruins have one 514 games. Their overall record is 514-347-7.

How many football national championships has UM won?

The University of Michigan has 11 National Championships. The University of Miami has 5 National Championships.