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Q: How many national championships has Reggie bush won?
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How many touchdowns does reggie bush have in high school?

Reggie Bush has 75 tds in high school....He averaged about 2 a game.

How many yards did Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints rush for in 2009?

In 2009, Reggie Bush rushed for 390 yards.

What is so great about Reggie Bush?

reggie bush dominated his rookie season with many touchdowns and was the nfls lead rusher at the time. He is amazing at running.

How many rushing yards did Reggie Bush get in college?


How many football national championships has UM won?

The University of Michigan has 11 National Championships. The University of Miami has 5 National Championships.

How many national championships has ucla won in men's basketball?


How many national championships has alabama's football team had?

The university claims 8 national championships.

Who has the fewest ncaa football national championships?

Many teams have won 0 national championships.

How many team national championships does Alabama have?

Alabama's Basketball team has 0 National Championships

How many NCAA Championships has University of North Carolina won in all sports?

40 national championships, 38 ncaa national championships

How many national championships has saban won at Alabama?


How many former USC players have played in the NFL?

1. Reggie Bush