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Q: How many national championships does yale have in college football?
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How many wins and national championships does UNC have in college football?

The University of North Carolina does not have any national championships in football.

How many football national championships has Boston college won?


How many national championships in college football?

116 national championships since 1895 in football. However most teams don't count their national championship pre ww2!

How many national college football championships has the university of Alabama won?


How many national college football championships have the USC Trojans won?

USC has won ZERO national championships in the school's entire history. The correct answer is 11. BTW you SEC fans how say Auburn would have beat USC when they played Oklahoma in 2005 in the Orange Bowl? That Virgina Tech team got beat the year before in DC basically a home game and Auburn lost twice to SC and lost 23-0 at Auburn with a FIRST TIME start for one Matt Leinart who completed his first pass for a touchdown on the first play and scored the game winning points on the first play. SEC is a great conference, the best no doubt, but the Pac 10/12 is right on your tail, and at the top, USC owns you all. With 11 titles and 7 Heisman Trophy winners. Alabama barely eclipsed the titles by one and just won their FIRST and only Heisman. Except for Alabama who has won more head to head, and Florida that beat and tied them and South Carolina who is 1-1 in two tries SC has owned the rest of the conference. Scoreboard: USC is 1710 all time versus the SEC. They're not playing Vanderbilt either, they're playing Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. The latest scores: 2006 USC won 50-14 AT Arkansas 2005 70-17 over Arkansas (That's right Arkansas. Has any other non SEC or any SEC team ever dropped 50 plus back to back on the Razorbacks or any team) I think not. BTW, that 70 could have easily been 100 plus, but SC called the dogs off, and Arkansas had their best players getting points when it didn't matter late in the 4th. That's right Houston Nutt, "No SEC team should ever be a 35 point underdog to no one!" That's right coach, it should have been double that after SC dropped 70 with the starters yawning on the bench the second half. 2003 USC won 23-0 AT Auburn. 2002 USC won 24-17 over Auburn at home. 1) Alabama: 2-5 2) Arkansas: 4-1 3) Auburn: 2-1 4) Florida: 0-1-1 5) Georgia: 3-0 6) LSU: 1-1 7) South Carolina: 1-1 8) Tennessee: 4-0 Through the 2007 season, USC has a 17-10-1 record against SEC teams

How many games are in the College football National Championships?

3 games.😏

How many national championships in college football has university of South Carolina?


How many national championship in football has Texas Longhorns played in?

The teams over the years that played for football National Championships in college?

How many college football national championships has The university of southern California Won?