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Q: How many national championships does usc have overall?
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How many national championships does usc have?


How many overall NCAA men's championships does USC have?

Not as many as North Carolina

How many national college football championships have the USC Trojans won?


How many national championships have USC won?

The Trojan Men's teams have won a total of 95 national championships. The Trojan Women's teams have won a total of 25 national championships.

How many national championships did keary colbert win with usc?

0. Colbert was a wide receiver for USC from 2000-2003. USC won the national championship for 2004, the season after he left.

Most college football national championships?


Usc football championships?

USC has claimed 11 national titles and is in 3rd place.

How many national championships does USC have in all sports?

The Mens have 91 National Titles and the Womens have 23. Together they have 114 national titles

How many national championships does the PAC 10 have?

15 USC-11 Washington-2 Cal-2

Which schools has won the most division 1A team national championships and overall team and individual national championships?

USC has won the most team national championships, and UCLA has won the most combined.Who are the next ten schools? this is not including football the NCAA dose not award national championships in football so its hard to say and you will pobabibly get a different answer depending on who you ask

Which NCAA team won the 2004 national championships?

The game was between USC and Oklahoma with USC dominating 55-19

What NCAA school has the most Div 1 national championships in one sport?

USC Trojans have 26 National Championships in Mens Track and Field.

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