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11 national championship

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Q: How many national championships does ucla have in mens basketball?
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How many NCAA Mens Basketball Championships has Kansas won?

3 national championships

How many national championships does Kansas University have in mens basketball?


How many mens national basketball championships has Louisville won?

They have won 2.

Who won the most national championships in basketball?

UCLA has won the most NCAA mens basketball championships; the last undefeated national mens champions were Indiana, 1976

Who has the most mens basketball national championships?


How many championships does IU have in mens basketball?

They have 5 national championships. They were 1940, 1953, 1976, 1981, and 1987.

Which conference has the most national championships in mens basketball?

Pac 10

Who many mens National Basketball Association championships has players from duke university won?

Duke men's basketball has won 4 national championships: 1991, 1992, 2001, and 2010.

How many mens national basketball championships has the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill won?


How many mens basketball championships do Indiana have?


How many sec basketball championships has Kentucky won?

how many sec championships has Kentucky won in mens basketball

How many national championships has Texas El Paso won?

In mens basketball? 1 in 1966 over Kentucky.

Indiana Mens Basketball has 5 National Championships How many of those were won with Bob Knight as coach?


How many ncaa mens basketball championships does unc have?


How many championships have butler mens college basketball won?


Which NCAA division 1 schools have won national championships in mens basketball and womens basketball and football?

Stanford and Maryland

How many national championships has Indiana won in all sports?

No, Mens basketball has 5, mens soccer has several, swimming and diving has some. My question was how many national titles has Indiana won in all sports?

How many men's basketball NCAA championships have the Louisville?

Louisville has won 2 mens ncaa championships.

How many mens lacrosse national championships have Syracuse won?


How many mens basketball ncaa championships have the Duke blue devils won?


How many championships has the Connecticut huskies mens basketball won?

two - 1999, 2004

How many championships does Clemson mens basketball have?

Clemson University has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

How many NCAA National Championships does the University of Arkansas have?

42 Total 1 football 1 basketball, and 40 in Mens track and cross country.

How many mens basketball NCAA championships have Duke won?

Duke University's men's basketball team has won 3 NCAA National Championships.1991, 1992, 2001For information on all the different championships games that Duke has won, click on the related question below.

Hom many mens basketball championships has villanova won?

1, they were the lowest seed to win the national championship as an 8 seed in 1985, they beat Georgetown