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37 and 86 bowl wins

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Q: How many national championships does penn state have?
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How many championships does penn state football have?

Penn State- 9 Championships

How many times has Penn State won the football national championship?

Penn State is credited with two football national championships ..... 1982 and 1986.

How many times did penn state win national championships in football?

They have won two consensus national championships 1982 and 1986

How many national championships does Joe Paterno have?

Joe Paterno has won two national championships at Penn State one in 1982 and another in 1986

Which Big Ten team has the most national championships in all sports?

Penn State

How many championships has PSU won?

Penn State won national championships in 1982 and 1986. They were the Big 10 champions in 1994 and co-champions in 2005.

How many ncaa football championships has penn state won?

Penn State has two official national chamionships. 1982, when they beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, and in 1986, when they beat Miami(Fl) in the Fiesta Bowl.

How many national championships has Penn State university won in all sports?

14 total for all sports3 football2 soccer (women)7 volleyball1 lacrosse (men)

Who is the number one ranked college volleyball team in the US?

Penn State Women's for sure they have won the last four national championships.

How many big ten football championships for penn state?

Penn State joined the B-10 in 1990 and started competing athleticall in the B-10 in 1993. They have won the following B-10 championships in football: 1994, 2005 (shared with Ohio State), 2008 (shared with Ohio State)

How many national championships penn state?

They have won 0 championships yay <-- doofus Bear in mind that the NCAA has never officially recognized a champion in Division 1A (FBS) college football. Having said that, Penn State has two "consensus" championships (where they finished the season ranked #1 in both major polls) in 1982 and 1986. They were also chosen as champions by at least one major selector in five additional seasons: 1911, 1912, 1969, 1981 and 1994.

What football teams won national championships from 1980 through 1989?

89 - Miami 88 - Notre Dame 87 - Miami 86 - Penn State 85 - Oklahoma 84 - BYU 83 - Nebraska 82 - Penn State ? 81 - Clemson 80 - Georgia

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