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The answer is 2.

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2, 1993 and 1999

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Q: How many national championships does FSU football have?
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How many national titles has fsu won?

In college football, FSU has two National Championships. One in 1993 over Nebraska and one in 1999 over Virginia Tech.

How many ACC championships does Duke have?

Assuming you mean football..FSU has won/shared 12 ACC championships.

How many championships does fsu have?


How many ncaa football championships were won by the Florida State football team?

Dixie Conference Championships - 3 Total* 1948 * 1949 * 1950ACC Atlantic Divisional Championships (began in 2005) - 2 Total* 2005 * 2008ACC Championships - 12 Total* 1992 * 1993 * 1994 * 1995 * 1996 * 1997 * 1998 * 1999 * 2000 * 2002 * 2003 * 2005National Championships - 2 Total* 1993 * 1999

How many times has fsu seminoles played lsu tigers in football?

9. LSU is 2-7 vs FSU

How many national championships does miami hurricanes have?

UF has won 3 national championships, FSU has won 2

What is the record between LSU and FSU in football?

FSU leads LSU with a 2-7 all time football record

How many times has fsu been to the college football championship game?


Did fsu ever played usc in football?

Yes twice and FSU won both times

Who has the most national championships between USC and Florida State?

USC - BIG TIME thas not even a close one. USC has won at least 6 or so. FSU only has 2.

What was the score of the 1996 National Championship Game between UF and FSU?

UF 52- Fsu 20

Who was in the 1994 Orange Bowl?

Florida State University Seminoles (18), University of Nebraska Cornhuskers (16). FSU Seminoles were voted the college football national champions.