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The Lady Vols have won 8 NCAA championships.

The mens team have never won the NCAA championship.

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Q: How many national championship titles does university of Tennessee have?
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How many total national championships has the university of Tennessee won?

University of Tennessee has won 0 titles.

How many national championship does Yale university have?

Yale University has 26 National Titles, but there haven't been any for a long while.

How many national titles has the University of Wisconsin won in all sports?

28 NCAA championship

How many national football championship titles has University of Alabama won?

They have won 8 (1961,1964,1965,1973,1978,1979,1992,2009.)

How many National championship titles has University of Alabama won?

it's not 10 it's 13

What year did Marshall University win NCAA national championship titles in football?

Marshall won the Division 1-AA national championship in 1992 and 1996.

Which NCAA school has had the most national championship titles in college basketball?


Who won the most national championship titles in college football?

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide

Who has the most national championship football titles?


How many football national titles does Tennessee have?


Who has more national titles Florida or Tennessee?


When did Oklahoma State University last win a NCAA national championship?

OSU won back to back titles in 1945 and 1946.

University of Florida titles?

They have won 2 national titles

How many national football titles does the university of Nebraska have?

Nebraska has 5 National titles.

What college has the most football national championship titles?


How many national titles has the university of florid won in all sports?

27 national titles

How many times has the duke won the national championship?

The Kansas University Jayhawks have never won a national championship.

What team owns the most NCAA division 1 womens basketball titles?

The University of Tennessee's women's basketball team has the most Womens Division 1 NCAA National Titles.

Who are the top three schools with the most national championships?

Louisiana State University (LSU) and the University of the Florida both have 2 BCS National Championship titles. Alabama has 1, along with seven other schools.

Who has the second most national championship football titles?

who do u think

How many national titles has Syracuse basketball team won?

1 National Championship (in 2003)

How many football championship games have the Texas longhorns won?

4 national titles but the Miami hurricanes have them beat with 5 national titles.

Which university has the most national titles?

USC you idiot

How many national titles does the University of Alabama have?


How many BCS national championships does university of Texas have?

The University of Texas Longhorns have won four national titles in all ('63, '69, '70, '05). But since the BCS was instated in 1996, only the 2005 National Championship is a BCS National Championship. Therefore, the Texas Longhorns have won a total of one BCS National Championship, however they are going for a second one on January 7th, 2010, in the same sight of their previous championship won in the Rose Bowl.