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Tiger needs four more majors going into the 2012 PGA championship. He has 14 majors and Jack has 18 as of August 8, 2012.

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Q: How many more wins does Tiger Woods need to catch Jack Nicklaus?
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Who did Tiger Woods get influenced by?

His father and Jack Nicklaus.

Is Jack Nicklaus richer than Tiger Woods?


Who did Tiger Woods look up to?

When he was growing up, Tiger Woods' idol was Jack Nicklaus.

Is Tiger Woods the best ever to play golf?

In terms of major championships he has 14, Jack Nicklaus has 18. In terms of professional wins Tiger Woods has 92, Jack Nicklaus has 114. Tiger Woods is still active whereas Jack Nicklaus has retired. We will not know until Tiger finishes his career. Some would say he is, but the older generation would probably say Jack is.

Who tought Tiger Woods to golf?

Tiger Woods has always based his career on that of Jack Nicklaus, as a kid he had mapped out what Nicklaus had achieved and by what age, and tried to better them, most of which he has done. It could also be argued his Father played a massive role in his life.

Who is Tiger Woods' idol?

He looks up to Jack Nicklaus, and his father.

Who is Tiger Woods biggest influence?

When he was growing up it was probably Jack Nicklaus and his father Earl Woods.

How many majors have tiger and Jack won between them?

32, Nicklaus 18 Woods 14.

Who is better than Tiger Woods?

Jack Nicklaus is practiclly tied with tiger for who is better. we just dont know yet

Who is Tiger Woods' hero?

When Tiger Woods was a child, he mapped out, on his wall the achievements of Jack Nicklaus and at what age he accomplished them. Tiger tried to better Jack in every way, and is still tracking that 19th Major Championship.

What inspired Tiger Woods to be a golfer?

Initially Tiger Woods started playing golf because his dad did. But it was probably Jack Nicklaus who inspired him to be achieve greatness.

What inspires Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods always tried to beat the records of his idol Jack Nicklaus. And like all of us he looked up to his mum and dad.