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Barry Bonds had 762 home runs and Hank Aaron had 755.

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Q: How many more home runs did Barry Bonds hit than Hank Aaron?
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Who broke the home run record before Barry Bonds?

Hank Aaron

Who hit the most home runs without steroids?

Hank Aaron has the 2nd highest career HR's after Barry Bonds. Hank Aaron has never been linked to steroid use and Barry Bonds has so the answer would seem to be Hank Aaron.

Who is leading in home runs after Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds hit 762 home runs. Hank Aaron is second all-time with 755.

Who hit more home runs than Baberuth?

barry bonds and hank aaron

Did Hank Aaron hit more home runs then Barry Bonds?

No, aaron was the current home run king with 755 when he retired. Barry bonds has now broken that record. So bonds has more homeruns.

How many homeruns did Hank Aaron have?

Aaron is second behind Barry Bonds on the all-time home run list with 755. Bonds had 762.

Who has second most home runs?

1. Barry Bonds (762)2. Hank Aaron (755)

Did someone break Hank Aaron's home run record?

Yes. Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's home run record on August 7, 2007, when he hit #756. Bonds ended his career with 762 home runs.

How many home runs did Hank Aaron hit?

Henry "Hank" Aaron hit 755 home runs in his career, second only to Barry Bonds' record 762 lifetime homers.

Who has 500 home runs?

Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Manny Ramirez Just For Some

Why is it important about what Hank Aaron did?

Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's all time home run record. Babe Ruth had hit 714 home runs during his baseball career. Barry Bonds beat Hank Aaron's record recently.

What team did Barry Bonds hit his home run to pass Hank Aaron?

The Washington Nationals and pitcher Mike Bascik.

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