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Q: How many monster trucks are they in America?
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How many wheels does a monster truck have?

Monster trucks have four tires.

A very large truck?

There are many types of trucks that are considered large. Monster trucks are some of the biggest trucks there are.

Are there monster trucks in episodes from Liberty City?

yes there are monster trucks i it

Are monster trucks llegal on the streets?

Yes, monster trucks are street legal.

When was War of the Monster Trucks created?

War of the Monster Trucks was created in 1993.

How many monster trucks there are in rigs of rods?

there are 22 truucks

How many monster trucks are there in the world?


Why are monster trucks so big?

why monster trucks are so big is becuase there called monsters and there made to be powerf.ul

What actors and actresses appeared in Monster Trucks - 2015?

The cast of Monster Trucks - 2015 includes: Lucas Till

Where can I buy one of the Monster Truck toys online?

Hot Wheels makes Monster Trucks. Monster Trucks are very popular with young boys. Most major toy stores sell Monster Trucks including Toys R Us and Amazon .

How many monster trucks can do a back-flip?

many! there is no exact number as people create more

Were do you find monster truck in gta vice city?

There are a number of trucks in the VC but no proper monster trucks. However, You can install a monster truck, trough mods from internet.

How many trucks in North America?


How many pickup trucks in America?


Are monster trucks scary?

No :) there just big cars and trucks :d

Where can monster truck videos be viewed?

There are many videos featuring monster trucks posted on YouTube. Monster truck videos can also be viewed on the website All Monster, which features not only videos but monster truck news and events.

How often do people ride on monster trucks?

When thinking of monster trucks, people usually associate them with competition and events. Given the size of these trucks people only ride them when promoting the enjoyment of watchers.

How do you get free monster trucks on Moshi Monsters?

You can get them by getting moshi mag 3. They are exclusive game items called max and Maxine the monster trucks.

What are the release dates for Deadline - 2006 Monster Trucks?

Deadline - 2006 Monster Trucks was released on: USA: 8 December 2011

Why does monster trucks matter?

there cool

How much monster trucks are there?


Where can videos of Big Foot monster trucks be viewed?

One can find videos of Big Foot monster trucks on various websites like YouTube and Dailymotion. Both websites offer over 1 billion videos including videos of Big Foot monster trucks.

How much does a monster truck cost?

Monster Trucks cost around $200,000

How big are monster trucks?

A monster truck is generally 13,000 to 20,000 lbs.

What kind of trucks can be rented from Ryder Truck Rental?

Any kind of trucks. Big trucks, small trucks, cool trucks, hot trucks, awesome trucks, bad trucks, and best of all monster trucks. Glad to be of assistance to you.