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Basketball game.... not match. and it depends on the league. College is 2 quarters of 20 minutes each so 40 minutes. and highschool and lower is usually 4 quartrs of 8 minutes each so 32 minutes.

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Q: How many minutes in a basketball match?
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How many total minutes are in a basketball match?

six minutes

What is the duration of basketball match?

48 minutes

How long is a basketball match?

NBA- 48 Minutes College-40 Minutes

How many team fouls can be committed in a game of basketball?

There are 5 fouls in 1 minute of a basketball game so if a match lasts 5 minutes then there our 25 fouls in abasketball game

How many quarters in a basketball match?

There are four Quarters in a Basketball game

How many minutes are in a college Basketball game?

There are 40 minutes in college basketball game

How many minutes in a college basketball half?

20 minutes

How many minutes in women basketball?

Women basketball

How many minutes in a quarter of Olympic basketball?

ten minutes per quarter for olympic basketball

How many minutes are in a ncaa basketball game?

Forty minutes in regulation.

How long does a basketball match go on for?

48 minutes. 12 per quarter (4 quarters ) NBA

How many Minutes are in an NBA basketball game?

48 minutes

How many basketball period is in the match?

4 quarters.

How many quarters in a European basketball match?


How many replacements players can we have in a basketball match?

No Limit.

How many minutes are thei in a rugby match?

80 Minutes

How many minutes are in a fifa soccer match?

90 minutes

How many minutes of playtime are there in a basketball game?

Four quarters of 12 minutes each in professional basketball for 48 minutes College is 10 minute quarters for 40 minutes.

How many minutes in a quarter of high school basketball?

8 minutes

How many minutes does the basketball play?

i think its only 45 minutes,....

How many minutes on an football match?

The answer to this question varies. In the United States, a football match lasts 60 minutes. It has four quarters and each quarter is 25 minutes. In most other parts of he world where a football match is the same a soccer match, it takes 90 minutes. A match has two halves and each half is 45 minutes. A soccer match in the United States also last 90 minutes.

How many minutes is a 12 round boxing match?

47 minutes

How many minutes is one round in a boxing match?

3 minutes

How many minutes are in a basketball period?


How many minutes in between high school basketball quarters?

15 minutes