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It takes a lifetime. If you train and practice 30 minutes a day, you can make it to black belt in about 4 years. Then you are ready to start to learn.

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Q: How many minutes does it take to learn karate?
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How long will it take to learn karate?

a lifetime

How long does it take to finish karate?

You don't 'finish' karate. It is a lifetime pursuit. There is always more to learn and experience. My teacher is 80 and continues to learn.

What is the name of place where karate classes take place?

Dojo - Place to learn the way.

What kind of class do you have to take to join WWE raw?

karate class or learn by a master

How long is Karate Kid the film?

You haven't told which karate kid movie. I will take it as the latest one with Jaden Smith. It was 140 minutes long.

How long does it take to learn karate?

A lifetime. Karate is not something that is learned quickly, it takes many years to build up the skills and experience to be a true karateka. One can learn the basic skills in about three to four years, but the application and refinement takes much longer.

How long does it to learn football?

Football take ten minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.

What martial art should I learn Kung-fu or Karate I what to learn karate because of ryu and I like kung-fu because they use weapon like naruto?

Well, I take karate and it is a great martial arts. You may not use weapons but that is just because karate is created for defense. In my opinion you should try both then decide.

How do you say i like to take karate in spanish?

"I would like to take karate" = "Querría tomar karate"

How many people take karate?

Over 500,000 people from all around the world do Karate in different Dojo's.

How do you take the gym whit karate king?


How do you learn karate in a year?

If you mean reach 1st degree black belt status, it should take you 3 years.

How long does parkour take to learn?

Less than five minutes.

How long does it take to learn how to play the ukulele?

You can play some songs in a matter of minutes. If you learn just a couple of chords you can play along with many songs for campfires. It can take years to master the instrument, but chords are easy to play and quick to learn.

How long does it take to finish karate at the age of 12?

9 years maybe depends how good you are because if your 12 you must do half belts or intermediates! You don't 'finish' karate. It is a lifetime pursuit. There is always more to learn and experience. My teacher is 80 and continues to learn.

Could a karate master really karate chop through a brick or those gray stones?

Yes, they certainly can. It doesn't take much to learn how to do it, but there is no real reason to train to do it other than competitions.

How is modern karate different from karate in the past?

Modern karate is geared more toward the sport spectrum. There is very little contact. People are also trying to make their living from it. That's not what its about. Martial arts or karate is a discipline. Karate in the past you would get hit. It could be hard or soft. You didn't know until it happened. You had to learn to take a punch. You couldn't say don't hit me that hard in a real fight; now could you? You had to learn how to perform the techniques with someone resisting. You had to earn your rank. Karate is an art that take years to learn and longer to master. Money cannot by experience. There are still schools that focus on the martial art and not the sport aspect. Finding traditional schools can be a challenge, but they do exist.

How many years does it take to reach the highest rank in karate?

Styles of Karate differ but in any good system it should take 45-50 years to attain the highest rank.

How old do you have to be to take karate?

well in many karate dojo's you have to be at least 5 or already able to talk it shows that you can pay attention if you know how to speak.

Did Muhammad Ali take karate?

No he was a full time in boxing and never did karate.

Did brenda ever take karate?

Yes, Brenda Sung did take Karate. She originaly wanted to join dance classes. But she ended up joining Karate with her Brother, who now no longer takes Karate classes.

How many minutes does it take 1 mile?

30 minutes

Between boxing or karate or kung fu which is easy to learn and the best one?

I'd say boxing is the easiest to learn, because it doesn't include kicks, or require that much flexibility. The problem is that you have to have fast hands and have a very strong upper body for it to be effective. The best in my opinion is Karate, but it takes many years to learn and a lifetime to perfect. Boxing should take about 2-5 years to be least 10 years to be considered a pro. None of them will be easy, boxing will take the shortest time to learn, but in a street fight, Karate would fare WAY better. None of the martial arts should be considered easy. They require a great deal of dedication and time to learn and maintain the skill level.

How fast can you learn karate?

You can learn it very quickly, however, to become proficient it will take years of practice. The basic moves can be learned in a few weeks, but they will not allow one to be good enough to prevail in a fight.

How many muscles does it take to karate kick?

thigh muscle, hamstring, calves and tibialis anterior