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Volleyball games are not measured in minutes, but in points and sets. But, a five-set game, with sets going to 25 points and then a final set of 15 points, will usually last for about an hour to an hour and a half.

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Q: How many minutes does it take for a volleyball game to end?
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How many hours does it take for a volleyball game to end?

30 to 45 minuites

How long does it take for a person to make a volleyball?

app. 30 minutes

How many points does it take to win a regulation game of volleyball?

Two more than the opposing team.

How do you win a match in volleyball?

In Olympics Volleyball, 25 points is needed to take a set, 2 sets to win the game.

How many minutes does it take to watch an NFL football game on television?

TV allots three hours to a football game. It may last a few minutes less or a few minutes more.

How many points does a team score in a game in volleyball?

the volleyball game is over at 21 points. However no team can win by only one point. This makes longer games take more points to win. You need to be two points ahead.

How many volleyball players does it take to fix a sharpener?

the answer is 3

If someone plays a game for 14 minutes playing 2 games how many minutes will it take him to play 5 games?

35 min.

How long does it take to finish a game of Volleyball?

There really is no limit in the time. It depends on how the teams are playing.

Which sport requires the most skills between basketball and volleyball?

AnswerI personally think that Volleyball requires more explosiveness, vertical, and arm strength. In basketball you are able to take a couple people off the street and put a game together (they will somewhat know what they are doing). Volleyball you cannot do this because Volleyball requires more skill to play the basic game and is a much more mental game than basketball. Also in Volleyball you can't just pass it off to another player on your team if your not good, Volleyball you have to take it if it comes your way. Hope this helped.

What is the duration of volleyball game?

depens on how long each indivual game lasts. but it can uaually take about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.

How many minutes does it take 1 mile?

30 minutes

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