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Q: How many minutes are given in overtime for a high school basketball game?
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Is basketball overtime more exciting than football overtime?

i just watched a good over time basketball tonight as The Cavs won after losing 25 straight in over time. But i would take a foot ball game over basketball at any given day.

You worked 34.6 hrs plus 8 holiday hrs Do you get paid overtime?

No. Overtime is only given if you work more than 40 hours in a given workweek.

How many timeouts in a college basketball game?

In college, teams are only allowed five timeouts per game. However, if the game goes into overtime, the teams are given one extra time out for that five minute overtime. This continues for every additional overtime, if necessary == == Each Team get 4 - 75 second timeouts and 2 - 30 second timeouts for the game

What are the high school football rules for overtime California?

California high school football follows an overtime structure similar to that of college football, meaning that in a given overtime period each team's offense is given the ball at the opponents 25-yard line. According to California Interscholastic Federation rules, "If a second overtime period is needed, a 2 point conversion must be attempted by the team scoring a touchdown." Thus, in order for this contest to stretch to three overtimes, the teams not only had to match each other touchdown for touchdown, but conversion for conversion.

Must overtime be given on a seniority basis, or rotated ?

Overtime dispersal depends on the employee status. If the employee is Union then it is seniority based. If the employee is managment then the overtime should be rotated

What if your school has been given an extra piece of land do you think it should be used for soccer or for basketball?

it should be used for soccer

Are extra timeouts given in NFL overtime?

In a regular-season overtime, each team is awarded two timeouts. In a postseason overtime, each team is awarded three timeouts. This is because in the postseason, overtime is considered the beginning of a new game that will continue through successive quarters until somebody scores. If teams played through two overtime quarters without scoring, they would be given three more timeouts for the third and fourth quarters of overtime, just as they would during regulation time.

What is the time duration given for hockey game?

three 20 minute periods 5 minute overtime if the game is tied at the end if no score in overtime than a shootout will decide the winner

Does a coach have to sit in high school basketball once given a technical foul?

No they are just excorted out. They eighter have to stay in the locker room and watch the game from there or leave.

How is overtime pay calculated for a nonexempt employee?

Overtime is paid at 1.5 times the employee's normal wage for any time work over 40 hours in a given workweek. If you earn $7.25 per hour normally, you would earn $10.88 per hour when on overtime.

How many shots are given for a technical foul in basketball?


How do you convert 60 minutes into a fraction?

That will depend on 60 minutes of what that has not been given.

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