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In the NBA, the games consist of 48 minutes with 12 minute quarters. In pickup Basketball, it really depends on what the players want.

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Q: How many mins. are in a basketball game?
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How many minutes per quarter are there in an olympic basketball game?

10 mins per quarter in an OLYMPIC basketball game

How long is the game of basketball?

40 mins or longer in finals

What is the time for each quarter game in the basketball?

12 mins in the NBA

How long does an nba basketball game last?

about 48 mins (minutes). Their experts that's why

How long does an elementary girls basketball game last?

1 hour and 10 mins

How long is each quarter from a high school basketball game?

Most high school basketball leagues use eight minute quarters. Equalling a 32 minute game.8 mins a quarter.10 mins in senoir boys for NE Calgary

How many periods are in a basketball game?

A basketball game has four quarters.

How many periods in a basketball game?

A Basketball game has four quarters.

How many players in basketball play the game?

If someone is in basketball, they play the game.

How many referees in a NCAA basketball game?

there are two refferies in a basketball game

How many officials are they in a game of basketball?

A game of regulation basketball has two officials.

How long is a full basketball game?

It lasts just over an hour, but you'll be watching for like 50 mins

How many fans were in the first basketball game?

Its said that there were about 190 people at the 1st basketball game which was a high school basketball game.

How many minutes are in a college Basketball game?

There are 40 minutes in college basketball game

How many minutes in a college basketball game?

There are 40 minutes in College Basketball game

When does the game clock time keeper stop the clock in basketball?

there are 4 quarters and each go for 15 mins each

How many quarters are in a highschool basketball game?

4 quarters are in a high school basketball game

How many quarters in a basketball match?

There are four Quarters in a Basketball game

How many miles does the average basketball player run in a game?

An average basketball player runs about 5 miles in a basketball game!

How many quarters are in a basketballgame?

there is 4 in an NBA game and 4 in a NCAA basketball game or college basketball.

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