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4 laps equal 1 mile

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Q: How many miles equals twelve laps around a high school track?
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If you are drawing a map in which the scaleis one inch equals two miles how many inches would it take to show twelve miles?

Twelve divided by two...

How far is 150000 miles?

150,000 miles equals to about 3.57 times around the earth.

How many miles is it from Sarasota Florida to Longboat Key Florida?

Around twelve.

What is the area of twelve square miles?

Twelve square miles is the area.

What is the duration of Twelve Miles Out?

The duration of Twelve Miles Out is 1.42 hours.

How many miles equals 35 kilometers?

I think it's around 21 miles

How many miles of trails are around Ed Zorinsky Lake in Omaha NE?


When was Twelve Miles Out created?

Twelve Miles Out was created on 1927-07-09.

Where did Laura Ingalls Wilder teach?

The school that she taught in was an abandoned claim shanty twelve miles from De Smet.

How many miles in twelve km?

According to Google Calculator: twelve kilometers = 7.45645431 miles.

How many miles equals a foot?

0.000189394 miles equals a foot

How many miles is the earths orbit around the sun?

At 43,000 miles per hour, times 24 hours is 1,032,000 miles a day. Times 365.25 equals 346,938,000 miles.

How many laps around a track equals 1.4 miles?

a little under 6 laps... 6 laps would be 1.5 miles

How many times around the track does it take to equal 3 miles?

Twelve, one mile is four laps (:

3000 feet equals miles?

It equals .5681818 miles.

Twelve Kilometers equals how many miles?

7.45 mi 1 mile = 1.6 kilometer 1 kilometer = 0.62 mile

If 14 times around a track equals 1 mile what is the distance if you walk 5 times around the track?

5/14 miles=0.357 miles=0.575 km

How many laps around a running track equals 1.5mile?

Six laps are equal to 1.5 miles.

How many miles equals 20km?

1 kilometer equals 0.621 miles so 0.621 times 20 equals 12.42 miles.

How many miles is twelve-thousand kilometers?

About 7300 miles.

What equals 4 miles?

Four miles equals 6.4 kilometers.

11 miles equals blank feet?

11 miles equals 58,080 feet

1000 miles equals how many miles?

1000 miles = 1000 MILES. It also equals 1600km.

How many laps around a 38 mile track equals 2 miles?

0.052631578947368421052631578947368 laps

How many miles do middle schools have to run for cross country?

The races are 2 miles long in middle school, and 3.1 miles (5k) in high school Training runs for me went up to around 4-6 miles for middle school.