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19.7 laps = 1 mile so 40 laps is approximately 2 miles.

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Q: How many miles equal 40 laps around a basketball court?
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How far did you go if you ran 12 miles around a full size basketball court?

erm, 12 miles!

How much miles in a basketball court?

Basketball courts are 90 feet by 50 feet

How many laps around a track would equal 26 miles?


How far is Seattle from Hawaii?

The total flight distance from Seattle, WA to Hawaii is around 2,677 miles. This is equal to about 4,308 kilometers or 2,326 nautical (sea) miles.

How many laps around a school gymnasium equal 2 miles?

38 laps

How many hours does 290 miles equal?

Around 4-5 hours nonstop

How many laps around a football field equal to 1.5 miles?

· In basketball, the perimeter is 228ft. NFL football fields have a perimeter of 1040 ft · 228 x 20=4560 · 4560/1040=4.4 laps

How many times would you have to run a basketball court to equal 1.5 miles?

The obvious answer is it depends on what size the court is. NBA/NCAA is 94ft, high school is 84ft and jr. high school is 74ft. There are 5280ft in a mile so therefore 7920ft in 1.5 miles this divided by NBA/NCAA=just over 82.25. high school=just over 93, and jr high school=just over 107. for the exact answer devide 7920 by 94, 84 and 74

How many cubic miles would 84 million barrels of oil equal?

around 3qmile

How many laps around a track would equal 2.4 miles?

depends on the size of the track

5 miles is equal to how many miles?

Miles and miles are the same measurement. Therefore, 5 miles is equal to 5 miles.

How far does a professional basketball player run in a game?

There average running speed of a basketball player is 21.5 miles per hour. Some run slower and other faster than this depending on the speed of the game.